This year, more than 21,000 Shymkent residents have been provided with electricity


In accordance with the instructions of Shymkent mayor M. Aitenov to solve the problem of infrastructure in remote areas, this year in the city there are 2 substations (Bozaryk 220/110/10 kV, "1-M-1" 110/10 kV) and 7 (Dostyk i.e., Zhalyn, Akzhar, Yntymak-2, Aikol, Igilik, 20 years of Independence). As a result, about 21.3 thousand people were provided with quality electricity, which is 97%.

And next year, 11 facilities, including 9 settlements (Dostyk, West, Nurtas, Saule, Turan) and 2 substations ("Akzhar" 110/35/10 kV, "Yntymak" 110/35/10 kV ) construction works are carried out. As a result, the construction of 1 substation and internal systems in 9 settlements will be completed, and about 17 thousand people will be provided with quality electricity. The coverage of the metropolis with electricity will reach 99%.

In 2023-2025 it is planned to build 6 high-voltage (110-220 kV) substations for the long-term development of the city.

The press service of Shymkent city

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