What awaits Kazakhstan in 2022?


Inflation will slow down economic growth in the world in 2022, which may lead to a slight decline in oil prices and the correction of the tenge, according to the national portal "Adyrna" with reference to 365info.kz.

On the eve of 2022, many are interested in what awaits the world economy and the economy of Kazakhstan in the next 12 months. Many international financial institutions have a positive outlook. For example, JP Morgan, a world leader in financial services, says that the impact of the pandemic on the global economy is weakening, but still affects emerging and emerging markets. And in 2022 it will practically stop.

Experts from the Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) believe that inflationary pressures in the world will remain in 2022, but the dynamics of global demand will stabilize and decrease as supply increases. According to their forecasts, in 2022, Kazakhstan's GDP will grow by 4.2%, and inflation will fall to 6%.

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