Officials should not be paid 20 times more than ordinary people - LAWYER


Well-known lawyer Zhangeldy Suleymenov told about the salary of Turkestan oblast's governor Umirzak Shukeyev, the national portal "Adyrna" reports.

Recently, the mayor said that he would receive a salary of 1 million 900 thousand tenge. According to him, salaries are regulated by a government decree.

At the same time, the lawyer said that it is unfair to overestimate the income of officials who receive 20 times more than ordinary people. He sees this as economic inequality.

"The decil coefficient is the ratio of the total income of the richest 10 percent to the total income of the poorest 10 percent. Theoretically, not all officials should be among the richest 10 percent, but among them it is 475 thousands. This is the maximum for all officials in the Republic of Kazakhstan. That is, officials should receive no more than 4.75 times more than the poor, "he wrote on Facebook.

The adult population of Kazakhstan is 14 million people. According to the lawyer, 10% of the poorest (1.4 million) receive a maximum of 100 thousand tenge per month. In our country, according to official data, the decil coefficient is 8.5. This means that the richest 10 percent (1.4 million) receive at least 850 thousands per month.

"Basically, mayors get up to two million, which is five times more," he said. This is called skew. It is necessary to increase the salaries of the poor to 421 thousands a month, or reduce the salaries of governors to 475 thousands. The calculations are approximate, the value does not change with accuracy. Officials should not earn 20 times more than ordinary people, ”he said.

National portal "Adyrna"

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