Sponsored by Halyk Bank: Mountain tourism will be safe


A briefing was held on November 30 at the Ayusai Visit Center. Representatives of the Tourism Department of Almaty's executive committee, the Department of Emergency Situations, the city rescue service and Halyk Bank took part in the briefing and discussed the topic of safe mountain tourism.

Mountains are always considered a dangerous area. Unprepared mountain travel can be life threatening. In the last two years, five people have died in the mountains near Almaty. That is why it is important to ensure safety in the mountains. For this purpose, Halyk Bank sponsored the installation of 11 rescue houses in the mountains near Almaty, purchase of 18-day batteries and 1 drone.

The houses are located on the highest peaks of the mountains. The house has food, medicine, a double bed, a heater, a telephone charger and a rescue squad. This is a great initiative to save the lives of missing tourists in the mountains.

The total amount of funds transferred by Halyk Bank under the sponsorship was 101,479,000 tenge, including 47,300,000 tenge for the construction of modular rescue houses, 39,924,000 tenge for the purchase of autonomous solar power plants and the purchase of unmanned aerial vehicles for search and rescue operations. 200,000 tenge were spent. Representatives of the bank told that the sponsorship would not stop.

National portal "Adyrna"

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