Aktau's teacher invented a device "Antivirus terminal"with his pupil.


Marat Atanazarov, a teacher of artistic labor and robotics at F. Ongarsynova Secondary School No. 29 in Aktau, and Zhasulan Shanytbay, a pupil, invented the device "Antivirus Terminal", the national portal "Adyrna" reports.

According to the press service of Aktau Mayor, the new device is being installed and tested at the school.

The "antivirus terminal" first measures a person's body temperature and automatically disinfects the hand with an ultrasonic sensor. There is also a possibility to get a mask for children and adults through special mechanisms, where there is an application "Ashyk".

- Doctors warn that the only way to get rid of the current coronavirus pandemic is to wear a mask, disinfect our hands with antiseptic and reduce contact with people. I hope that the presence of such a terminal in all educational institutions, kindergartens and public places will help to get rid of the epidemic, - said Marat Atanazarov.

The terminal is designed for parking in crowded places. The main advantage is automated. A special video camera is installed for remote monitoring and maintenance of the device.

The inventors took the 1st place in the regional stage of the recent competition of scientific projects "Daryn" and received a ticket to the republican stage.


National portal "Adyrna".

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