A TV series will be released for People's Artist,Roza Baglanova


A TV series about the life of the People's Artist of the USSR and People's Hero Roza Baglanova will soon attract viewers, according to the national portal "Adyrna".

- January 1, 2022 will mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of the legendary People's Artist of the USSR and People's Hero Roza Baglanova. In this regard, "Khabar" channel presents the TV series "Bulbul", which tells about the brightest moments and difficult moments of the singer's moral life, "the message of" Khabar "channel reads.

The TV series focuses not only on the creative life of the Indian singer, but also on his civic career. Roza Tazhibayevna's difficult childhood, family life, studying at the Tashkent Textile Institute and performing on the battlefield are all part of the TV series.

It should be noted that this year the Minister of Culture and Sports Aktoty Raimulova announced the introduction of a national plan for the preparation and holding of the 100th anniversary of the famous singer Roza Baglanova in 2022.


National portal "Adyrna".

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