Competition for young speakers


"Who cares about the obsolete Kazakh word in this age of technology, what is its significance?" - There are harsh opinions. For this century, the art of speech, oratory is one of the most necessary and important art. Of course, we need a bubble that will pierce the soul of a society that is being deceived by cheap visuals on the Internet and is in a state of spiritual decline. The aesthetics of speech, the power of speech, warms the frozen heart, helps to return to our spirituality and restore our national character.

In this regard, the Republican boarding school for gifted children named after Kara Shanyrak Abay, located at the foot of Koktobe, said that "the value of words is their dignity" in the third traditional Republican competition of oratory "Dilmar".

The competition was held not only in the form of a competition, but also as a lesson for a sensible person.

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