At the Shamalgan station, there is a shortage of coal


On November 9, information appeared on social networks that there was a shortage of coal at the Shamalgan station. The executive committee of Karasay district of Almaty region denies this.

Daily at the station Shamalgan arrives as a minimum of 15 wagons of coal. On November 9, 27 cars were delivered to by the head of the housing and communal services department and the housing inspection of the Karasay district, Iskander Egeubek.

“There is a railway station Shamalgan. We have about 10 railway cul-de-sacs, where Shubarkul and Karazhyrar coal are delivered. It is sold by IP and LLP. A minimum of 15 cars arrive each day. On November 9, 27 cars arrived at 11:00. While they are deadlocked, they are reloaded and then unloaded. At this point, drivers from the safety concerns are waiting for the deadlock. Then all the cars come in turn, they are weighed, they are loaded with coal and then they are weighed in a controlled way, ”explained Alexander Egeubek.

The head of the Housing and Communal Services Department assumed that the person who filmed the video was at the beginning of the queue, waited a little, maybe, came earlier and therefore thought that there is a deficit.

Egeubek states that the agitation, which for two or three days there is no coal, does not happen. At the beginning of the heating period KTZ increases the number of cars with coal. And there are not 15, and, let's say, 18 cars.

Consumption of Karasay district - 27 828 tons during the heating season. However, according to the speaker, in most of the settlements of the district there is gas heating, so in the Karasay district there is a low consumption of coal. But the station Shamalgan is located in a convenient place and ottuda take coal to other districts.

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