The winner of the Tokyo Olympics lost his award due to an energy drink


Norwegian rowing champion and two-time world rowing champion Kietil Borsh lost his victory at the World Championships in Italy for violating the rules of advertising, according to the national portal Adyrna.

Olympic medalist Borsch climbed to the podium with a jar of the famous energy drink at the awards ceremony, Inside the Games reports. In addition, the World Rowing Federation fined the Norwegian 2,500 euros.

It's worth noting that the incident took place six months ago during the World Cup, but the rower, who took part in the Olympic Games in Tokyo, has just been punished.

This is not the first time an athlete has broken the rules. He has already received warnings and appeared in the awards with a bottle of energy. After the third, the sportsmen moved on to concrete measures.


National portal "Adyrna"

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