ERBOL AZANBEK: "In terms of trade, production, our economy is traditionally dependent on its neighbors"


One of the reasons for the high prices in Kazakhstan is the traffic jams on the Chinese border. What will our neighbor do then?
Kazakhstani goods are piled up at the border under various pretexts, and trains are flowing to Europe through Kazakhstan day and night. They were subsidized by the Chinese government.
There was a subsidy for Kazakhstan freight trains, which was removed. The truck was stopped.
Wagons with a closed roof are not allowed. We have negotiated, and although the number of cars will increase, it seems to the Chinese side that it is not the first, but the third or fifth category. The European market is important.
As a result, our goods are becoming more expensive. Building materials, such as tiles, have become more expensive ten times a year. There are no raw materials for producers, the volume of production is reduced.

Inevitably raises prices for products and services. Some companies with China are on the verge of bankruptcy. Tenders are struggling to fulfill the order to the state. How many people lose income. Tax revenues will decrease. In terms of trade and production, our economy is traditionally dependent on its neighbors. It can weaken even if it does not shake.



National portal "Adyrna

English version is edited by:Nagima Bazarkizi

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