How did the modernization of the Atyrau refinery affect to the region's economy?


I would like to speak again about the modernization of the Atyrau refinery. Why did I mention this plant in my reviews?

The main reason is that the plant has been completely modernized and a new production facility has been built on the basis of the former Atyrau refinery. Now, the company has a complex of deep oil refining and a plant for the production of aromatic substances. During the reconstruction, even the railways inside the plant were modernized. The oil unloading station was moved out of Atyrau, which undoubtedly affected the city's environment and the transportation of high-risk cargo outside the city.

Due to the significant increase in the production of petroleum products, in particular, fuel, diesel and aviation fuel, much attention is paid in the media to the level of efficiency of modernization of the Atyrau refinery.

Undoubtedly, the company plays a key role in the development of the economy not only of Atyrau region, but for the whole of Western Kazakhstan.

It is safe to say that the modernization of the Atyrau refinery has had a significant impact on both the positive dynamics of production of popular petroleum products and the growth of economic performance of new industries, reflected in the growth of taxes.

Today we are talking about the effectiveness of the results achieved in the whole Atyrau region. Considering the geography of supply of oil products produced by the Atyrau refinery, we can say that the modernization of the plant has had a positive impact on the socio-economic development of Western Kazakhstan as a whole.

Erlan Zhaukin

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