The national project "Quality education" Educated Nation "expands access to quality education


On behalf of the President, the transition from government programs to the format of national projects was carried out. The national project "Educated Nation" provides continuity with the state program on issues that require urgent solutions and aimed at meeting the needs of the population, "Adyrna" correspondent reports citing the press service of the Ministry of Education and Science.

The national project aims to cover children with preschool education and training, reduce the gap in the quality of education between urban and rural schools, build schools to address the shortage of places, create a safe and comfortable educational environment, etc. b. The problems continued.

The national project will expand access to quality education. During the development of the national project, it was discussed with representatives of the public, experts in the field of education and worked out with all interested government agencies.

The national project consists of four areas consisting of five tasks.
The first task is to ensure the availability and quality of preschool education and training. To fulfill this task, work will continue to develop a network of preschool organizations through the placement of government orders through voucher funding on the principle of "money goes with the child." As a result, by 2025, the coverage of children aged 2 to 6 with preschool education will reach 95%, and from 3 to 6 years - 100%.
In addition, a new model of child development will be introduced in all preschool organizations under the instructions of the President. The state standard will be changed on the basis of the principle of "learning through play".
The second task of the national project "Quality education" Educated Nation "is to improve the quality of secondary education. In particular, closing the gap in the quality of education between regions, urban and rural schools (PISA). Within the framework of the national project, comprehensive measures will be taken to reduce the gap in the quality of education of students. As part of the project, it is planned to move to 12-year training. Starting this year, it is planned to place a state order for additional education. This process takes place on a competitive basis and in private organizations.
The third task is to provide schools with a comfortable, safe and modern educational environment. It is planned to build 1,000 schools by 2025 to reduce the shortage of places. As a result, three-shift schools are expected to be eliminated and the share of emergency schools will be reduced to 0.1%. By 2025, 5,000 schools in small towns, district centers and villages will be modernized and safe and comfortable conditions for children's education will be created.
The fourth task is to provide affordable and quality technical and vocational education. By 2025, 100% of young people will be provided with free technical and vocational education in the required specialties. As a result of the increase in coverage, the share of NEET youth is expected to decrease.
The fifth task is to increase the competitiveness of Kazakhstan's universities.

As part of the national project, 20 centers of academic excellence (15 regional and 5 pedagogical universities) and 2 leading universities will be established based on the experience of Nazarbayev University. It is also planned to open 5 branches of foreign universities by the end of 2025, which will reduce the outflow of young people from the country.

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