People of Kazakhstan: We are against the construction of a nuclear power station by Uzbekistan on the border


Neighboring Uzbekistan will build the Central Asia's first nuclear power station . Residents of Taraz are concerned about the planned construction of the first nuclear power station in Uzbekistan, the national portal Adyrna reports citing Atameken Business News.

Locals oppose the Uzbek idea, saying it should be built jointly with neighboring countries.

The publication also published a social survey of local residents. In it, Kazakhstanis recalled the Chernobyl disaster and said they feared for their children's health.

In addition, environmentalists in Kazakhstan are complaining about the project. According to them, Uzbekistan takes into account only the cost of energy from nuclear power plants, but Uzbekstan does not take into account environmental issues.

"It only hurts us. What are the other benefits?" Taraz residents say .

National portal "Adyrna"

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