Oryngul Arystan, known as "Calculator Girl": I want to benefit society


Oryngul Arystan is an intelligent student who has repeatedly proved her talent and talent, bringing the country's name to the international level. What is the world champion doing now? Who do you dream to be in the future? In order to get answers to these and other questions, we talked to a young person with special abilities.

The "Calculator Girl" was born in 2006 in Aktau. At the age of 11 he won the first place in the Mental Arithmetic Olympiad in Malaysia. A year later, together with 150 young mathematicians from around the world, he set a world record by solving 30,000 problems in 26 minutes and 26 seconds.

“When I was in elementary school, mathematics caused some difficulties. To improve my grades and increase my knowledge, my mother enrolled me in a 3rd grade mental arithmetic course. I got used to it from the very beginning. My teacher noticed my aptitude for quick calculations and began to take part in various competitions. I tried my hand at regional, republican and international competitions and became a champion, ”our heroine said.

According to Oryngul, mental arithmetic has significantly changed her life in a short time.

“In the past, I often received warnings from my math teacher, but today I don't have much difficulty in solving problems. Thanks to this industry, I have expanded my horizons and traveled to many countries. I also met wonderful people, ”he said.

Currently, the young talent is a 9th grade student of the IT school-lyceum. During the interview, the talented beauty did not hide her new interest.

- In the 6th grade I transferred from school №17 to IT lyceum. As my learning became more difficult, I began to focus on my studies. My social environment changed, and I made new friends. Maybe that's why my interests started to change. Today I dance and read foreign literature. My favorite book is Harry Potter. Sometimes I draw.

Interestingly, Oryngul dreams of becoming a doctor, not a mathematician.

- In the future I want to be an educated and qualified doctor. This is due to the increase in medical problems. I want to find a solution and benefit society. Medicine is a very interesting field. In the future, I intend to continue my education in a foreign university, "she concluded.

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