10 villages of Almaty region were 100% vaccinated


Balkhash and Aksu districts are the leaders in terms of vaccination in Almaty region, Adyrna reports citing a source.

According to doctors, the incidence is declining in these areas. Deputy governor of the region Batyrzhan Baizhumanov informed about this and many other things.

It should be noted that 10 villagers are 100% vaccinated.

Mandatory vaccination has been introduced for some categories of citizens (mainly teachers, servicemen, civil servants). The deputy mayor himself believes that vaccination should be voluntary, emphasizing that the measures introduced in these areas will help build strong immunity and stop the spread of COVID-19.

Special attention is paid to schoolchildren in the region. Quarantine measures are strictly observed in educational institutions. All schools are equipped with protective equipment. 200 millions tenge were allocated from the local budget for these purposes. All educational facilities implemented the Ashyq program. However, cases of coronavirus infection have been reported in schools and kindergartens.

99.9% of teachers in the region are vaccinated. It should be noted that according to the Department of Health of Almaty region, medical organizations are provided with personal protective equipment on a monthly basis. There are 15 laboratories in the region, with a total capacity of 9,000 laboratory research facilities. As of September 13, 944,582 people underwent laboratory tests by PCR, including 16,486 medical workers. In addition, antivirus drugs were purchased for socially vulnerable groups in the amount of 92.1 million tenge.

National portal "Adyrna"

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