Both success and prestige are in domestic production


Stylish and architectural buildings for the benefit of mankind are the result of creative work of builders, manufacturers of building materials.

Today in Tekeli more than 10 enterprises are engaged in the production of marble powder for dry building mixes. One of them is TasUn LLP, which is defining its position in the domestic industry under the trademark MARMAR.

According to the director of the company Bektas Yermekovich Kaimbayev, when Ak-tas Bereke LLP was established in 2014, the company had the only stone crushing plant. It should be noted that the demand for raw materials produced by the company has increased due to the fact that the mill, equipped in accordance with modern requirements, has the ability to grind marble very finely. Thanks to the potential of advanced technology and the team's hard work, the company's income has also increased, and the profit has increased the number of stone grinding mills. As a result, in 2017, TasUn LLP was established, it is engaged in the processing of marble, and the field of the enterprise has expanded.

Today, the marble deposit employs more than 30 people and the marble powder plant employs more than 50 people. In particular, the network of two companies - "Ak-Tas Bereke" and "TasUn" employs about 90 people. Of course, it is not easy to achieve such success in 7-8 years. Bektas summed up the secret of success:

"Employees are hired by the company under a bilateral agreement based on labor law and work accordingly. It has all the necessary conditions for employees. Daily work is carried out in two shifts. If you have to work overtime, you will be paid.

Timely payment of wages, protection of the rights of workers under the labor law, promotion of cultural life, well-being, preserving the unity and solidarity of the team, mutual assistance, awarding bonuses on holidays, and paying attention to such simple principles instead, he strengthened his faith. We have always put professionalism and unity first. This is because if workers do not have the skills and responsibility for their duties, the potential of modern technology will be wasted. In addition, the state provides comprehensive support for the development of domestic production. Therefore, we consider it our honorable task to glorify the rich and high-quality Tekeli marble. ”

The company is not indifferent to the social responsibility of business. She is always involved in charity events in the city and helps as much as possible.

The company pays special attention to the safety of employees. At the mine, Vitaly Kulbida, the plant's safety officer, and Duman Bagdatuly, the marble powder plant, remind them of daily safety rules and monitor safety measures.
Especially in the face of the pandemic, business leaders are struggling to keep up. Monitors the strict observance of sanitary requirements by the staff and explains the need for conscious vaccination for the normal life of all employees and their families. Today, the number of vaccinated employees at the enterprise is growing.

Director of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs Turysbek Zhumadilov says that today more than 10 enterprises, including 6 mines in the city, produce 70% of raw materials for dry building mixes in the domestic market, which is a real achievement.

Domestic production of a very small variety of marble powder called "microcalcite" is on the market. Enterprises producing dry mixes and various emulsions, which are now widely used in the construction industry, depend on imports from Russia, Turkey and Uzbekistan. Typically, dry building mixes are used to paint the interior walls and ceilings of various facilities, and emulsions are used for painting, so emphasis is placed on their safety and environmental friendliness. Therefore, the role of raw materials from natural stone and white marble of Tekeli in domestic production is very important. The company, which meets this demand and strives to meet the needs of Kazakhstani production with high-quality, environmentally friendly natural products in demand, has great prospects.

Aiman ​​ASYL

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