Entrepreneurs can now create Ashyq QR-codes through Halyk Bank


It will be easier for entrepreneurs to register for the Ashyq project. Halyk Bank was the first among Kazakhstani banks to jointly introduce NCE Atameken QR-code registration for legal entities. Companies with a large number of employees required to access business facilities or the Ashyq project can comply with the quarantine requirement by obtaining a QR-code in the web version of Onlinebank with a few clicks and online.

Let us remind you that Ashyq is an application for registering visitors to public places. Before entering the institution, the user scans a special QR-code and shows the result to the administrator. The appendix lists four human states: neutral (background blue), safe (green), contact (yellow), and infected (red).

"Halyk Bank was the first second-tier bank to integrate its fintech processes with the Ashyq registration system. Our legal entities can now create a QR-code with a few clicks via the Onlinebank web version without leaving home," Halyk Bank said. Managing Director for Digitization Nariman Mukushev.

"Given the current difficult situation in the country due to the coronavirus pandemic, many services in the economy are limited to Ashyq. Therefore, the Bank will provide entrepreneurs with a convenient way to register in the Ashyq system at this difficult time," he said. Mukushev.

He noted that obtaining a QR-code in Onlinebank is available only to business entities. It is an electronic identifier with the name of the subject, its location and other identification data. One QR code is assigned to access one object.

To register your company in Ashyq through Onlinebank:

- Access the web version of the Onlinebank system

- Log in to your personal account and select the Ashyq function

- Apply for a certificate of conformity

- After approval of the application for a certificate of conformity - You can send an application for a QR-code

- Ready! You can print the Ashyq QR code.

If during the regular registration in the Ashyq system, entrepreneurs need a digital signature from the NCA, and to obtain a QR-code on the web service Onlinebank, Halyk Bank requires a digital signature of legal users. No other registration is required and no offline signing is required.

In turn, Nariman Mukushev noted that the emergence of such a service in Halyk Bank is due to the internal team of the Bank: the Department of Transaction Business and the Department of Onlinebank.

I would like to thank the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan "Atameken" for its transparency and readiness to implement such services for business. I would like to note that Halyk Bank has the necessary infrastructure and advanced technologies to meet all the requirements for integration with such services, "concluded Halyk Bank's Managing Director for Digitization.

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