Uzbekistan is concerned about ethnic Uzbeks in Afghanistan


Odiljon Tazhiyev, Vice Speaker of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis, said that "difficult times have begun for the Uzbek diaspora in Afghanistan," Adyrna reported.

The Vice Speaker's reaction to the recent events in Afghanistan was published on August 16 in UzA.

"Difficult days have begun for the Uzbek diaspora in Afghanistan. Given that the Taliban were born among Pashtun tribes, internal ethnic relations, which have already been a difficult issue for Afghanistan, will continue to escalate. "Now Uzbekistan is likely to enter into negotiations in the interests of ethnic Uzbeks abroad."

In this case, he said, "it is very important that we maintain our position during the Taliban's rapid occupation of the country." That is, we need to make sure that our security is strong, in addition to providing humanitarian assistance and assistance to refugees. "

"I am confident that the Uzbek government will abide by international law," Tazhiyev said.

As previously reported, on August 15, the Taliban captured the Afghan capital, Kabul. President Ashraf Ghani has left the country.

National portal "Adyrna"

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