How much did Kazakhstan buy the Olympic broadcast?


The Ministry of Information and Social Development said that the broadcast of the Olympic Games cost Kazakhstan 6.250 million dollars, Adyrna reports.

Earlier, Kazakhstanis could not watch the performance of Kazakhstani judoka Eldos Smetov at the Tokyo Olympics. At the time of his fight, other sports were shown on Kazakhstan TV. This provoked protests from citizens. The Ak Zhol party has called on the authorities to resolve the issue immediately.

The Ministry of Information announced that the company, which will broadcast the 2021 and 2022 Olympics in 2018, has offered Kazakhstan to buy the rights for $ 15 million (excluding technical costs). Acquisition of the right to broadcast the Olympics in 2016-2018 cost the country $ 5.1 million, including technical costs, so the country rejected the offer.

In February of this year, Kazakhstan and Khabar TV channels wrote a letter to the copyright holder with a request to reduce costs until 2016-2018. But the letter went unanswered.

The Ministry of Information and other government agencies joined the talks. Copyright owners have agreed to lower prices before the Olympics. As a result, Kazakhstan purchased the rights to broadcast the Summer Olympics in Tokyo and the Winter Games in Beijing for $ 6.250 million, including technical costs.

Copyright owners refused to provide the relevant technical requirements. The broadcast was not conducted in test mode, the frequency and format of satellite signals did not match.

"Due to the delay in communication, as well as technical reasons, the scheduled online fight of Eldos Smetov was not broadcast on Khabar TV. In turn, on July 24 at 21:00 Smetov's speech was broadcast on Kazakhstan TV," the statement reads.

All technical issues were resolved by the Ministry, state channels and the owner of the copyright on the evening of July 24.

National portal "Adyrna"

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