The Kazakh women saved the Kazakh nation from extinction


The survival of the Kazakh people is due to Kazakh women. That is a fact but difficult does not mean impossible. It is a truth that many do not want to see and do not want to admit. This is true in common sense. We are a nation that has gone through many stages of hell. After each hell, women saved us as a nation.
One third of the population died in the "Aktaban shuburundy(war)". Women gave birth to children and saved them. In the twentieth century, we were on the verge of extinction. We entered the last century as the largest nation in the world and at the end of it,we were  one of the smallest nations in the world. But we did not disappear. Women have saved our nation. The national liberation war of 1916, the massacre that followed, the famine that killed 1.5 million Kazakhs in 1919-1921, the genocide that deliberately massacred 3 million Kazakhs in 1931-33, the shooting and hanging of 1937-38, 1941-45 The policy of inciting the Kazakhs to war, which has nothing to do with the Kazakhs, should have completely destroyed us as a nation. A million, a million dead. The colonizer laughed and thought to himself, "In the future, the day of the Kazakhs will be dark, as a nation." In 1959, Kazakhs made up only 29% of their land. "The trade is over," Communist Moscow said. It's not over. Women did not finish our trade. Saved again. Golden pregnant mothers gave birth to 8-10 children. This was the response of Kazakh mothers to the half-century massacre. Great answer. The answer is the answer we will never forget. The Kazakh was resurrected. It was his Kazakh wife who gave him his life as a nation.
1990 was a hard time. Unemployment, crisis, no money in the country. At the same time, mothers were pushing the country forward. She made a business, carried a backpack and supported her family.
The image of the Kazakh woman is wide. She is a hero, she is a mother, she is a loving wife, she is a guardian of the nation, she is the leaven of the family, she is an educator. Kazakh wife is a broad concept. Only a real Kazakh man understands it.
The Kazakh people have also respected women for centuries. When Europe compared  a woman to a witch  and set her on fire, when the Arabs buried her alive, we honored her. Evidence of this are Tumar, Bopay, Nazym, Gaukhar, Zere, Aiganym. So how right is it for the Arabs and the West to teach us what a Kazakh woman should look like ?!
Let others not teach us the role of women in society. We are not the kind of people who lock up a woman like an Arab, lock her in a house, beat her when she needs to, and divorce her when she needs to. It is a mistake to forget the true, delicate nature of a woman, to absorb false ideology, and to accept the way in which a woman embraces a cat not a grandchild in old age. We have our own way, our own identity.

Yes, there are those in society who violate women's rights. There are those who beat people, those who despise women and say that they should be treated like slaves, and those who believe that Neanderthals beat women when they find them. Of course, I support the need to punish them by law. A woman is a person, and human rights must be protected by law.
By the way, I can't agree with some of the slogans raised today. They are obscure slogans such as "motherhood is not a duty", "my womb is my rule". These are slogans against the principles of the heroic mothers who saved the Kazakhs in countless hells. This is not the world our society should promote. How can a small number of Kazakhs, a small number of Alash children, increase if the Kazakh wife refuses to be a mother, how can she save this place? This is not the way of the Kazakhs.
Kazakhs should have a big family, many children, a happy home where both husband and wife serve, respect and understand each other, respect each other, love each other and strive for knowledge. The Kazakh woman is a wonderful creature. A Kazakh wife is not just a bastard from the Middle East who has children and stays at home. A Kazakh woman is not a hungry wolf who says, "If you need a child, find it yourself." A Kazakh woman is a KAZAKH WIFE.
I have two daughters. I love them forever. I also love them with all my heart and soul. I have a lot of respect for my mother. For me, a Kazakh wife is a mother, a wife and a tulip.
Today, during the parade, I noticed an LGBT flag. And this is a disguise of the idea of ​​women's rights and the promotion of other values ​​(values). I'm sorry, I'm just as opposed to the LGBT flag as I am to those who want to plant the flag of the caliphate. Instead of looking for who we are in the East, or in the West, or in Russia, or in China, we may be looking at ourselves. To a forgotten, forgotten being. I don't know if I was able to express myself.

Askhat Kasengali,
Translated by:the national portal "Adyrna"

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