Kazakhstanis can fly to 12 countries in the New Year


The Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development has presented a schedule of flights for the New Year holidays from December 30 to January 5, Adyrna reports citing Liter.kz.
International flights will be operated on 12 routes to 12 countries. This was reported on the official Telegram channel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan.
54 flights will be operated:
To the United Arab Emirates - 16;
To Turkey - 10;
To Uzbekistan - 6;
Belarus and Germany - 4;
Maldives - 3;
South Korea, the Netherlands, Egypt, Russia and Kyrgyzstan - 2;
1 flight to Ukraine.
The department said that the time and date of the flight can be specified on the websites of airlines and airports.

National portal "Adyrna"

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