Omir Shynybekovich: Lessons from neighboring countries


Lessons from neighboring countries
Not everyone who came to power with the support of the people (Pashinyan) can rule the country.
Although not corrupt, the long rule of one man has shown that people are tired.
In a country where education is neglected, ordinary bandits have been fighting for power for years under the guise of democracy.
We have seen that even in a praiseworthy democracy, a voter's vote can be stolen (Trump is not suing in vain).
"If the wind blows a camel, look for a goat in the sky"
If it is possible to steal votes even in the United States, which has a history of more than 200 years of democracy, it seems that we have to organize the election campaign and change the counting system in the two months before the election.
The biggest danger here is that the teacher's reputation may be permanently damaged.
I expressed this last opinion to the Minister of Education and Science A. Aimagambetov in January.

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