How will be the distance learning?


Distance learning in schools is carried out on 8 Internet platforms. The Minister of Education and Science of Kazakhstan, Askhat Aimagambetov, said at a press conference in the Central Communications Service, Kazinform reports.

“Of course, there are two main areas of distance learning. The first direction is online learning. We have several special Internet platforms for online learning. In general, in the 4th quarter of last academic year, we had two main Internet platforms. At the same time 6 more Internet platforms have been added, bringing the number to 8, ”Askhat Aimagambetov said. According to him, depending on the availability of these platforms, schools, city and district education departments will make a decision, sign a contract and work with the same platform. “In the second direction, children are taught on TV channels. "El Arna and Balapan TV channels broadcast up to 9 hours a day," the Minister said.

The national portal Adyrna

Translated for the national portal Adyrna, edited by:Nagima Bazarkizi

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