Today is the birthday of Doctor of Philology, Professor Rabiga Syzdyk.


 The scientist devoted her life to the development of Kazakh linguistics and became the "Mother of the native language". According to G.Musrepov, R.Syzdyk's fluency in two languages set an example for both colleagues and young people. M. Auezov called him "a very smart, cultured young woman", K. Amanzholov wrote a poem "A Kazakh must give birth to a girl just like you ...".

The national portal "Adyrna" brings to your attention the words of a great person.

- I worked more or less in science. The honor that led to all this.

- First of all, be a woman. Your guest is welcome, your food is cooked. Take care of your  husband. Bring up the child well. In-laws must be treated well. Besides it, If you have time,  you can become a scientist or whatever you want.

- A child who crosses the threshold of school should speak only in his native language. The child should study in primary school only in his native language, not in Russian or English. When learning three languages at once, the child does not have a mother tongue. No poet, writer or artist can come from a person who does not have a native language. Probably a scientist, maybe a specialist, maybe even a famous person. But there is no cultural food.

- I can't say that getting an official degree is a real sign of science.

- Not only the teacher of the Kazakh language, but all members of society, family and other teachers should be involved in language development.

- Science is a mirror for a person who wants to discover and study something new. Your work may be written by someone else. But over time, people will be differentiated according to their needs and values.

- Teaching is the best profession in the world. Of course, it is difficult. The salary is low. Nevertheless, it is the best profession. Proper organization of such work is not easy. What do you know about living for 95 years? That's how I learned what is easy and what is difficult. You are glad that I am 95 years old. Now I try not to pass away until 1-2 years.

It should be reminded that Rabiga Syzdyk recently died at the age of 96.

Diana Asan

The national portal “Adyrna”

Translated for: The national portal “Adyrna”

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