Shildekhana - the shield of the newborn



In the life of the Kazakh people, any joyful event turned into a holiday with songs, dances, best wishes, and the blessing of the elders. Great attention was also paid to the birth of a child. Kazakhs are dedicated a number of traditional rituals to this event. It will protect the newborn until he reaches a certain age. So, the first holiday in a person's life was the birthday of a child, which was called "shildekhana".

The life of a person from the moment he appears in the womb of his mother consists of certain stages. Different people inhabit the planet and they have their own customs and traditions, culture, history. In the culture of the Kazakh people, there is a special chronology of holidays that accompany a person until a certain time. It is believed that in the life of every Kazakh there are 12 celebrations. Everything starts from the moment of birth. The first holiday of the newborn, which is celebrated among the Kazakh people, is "shildekhana", accompanied by several rituals

In modern times, ancient customs are changed differently. Nowadays it is celebrated in a cafe, and the rituals are already held at home in a narrower circle. On this day, guests present the gifts to  the child. If earlier boys were given a harness, a saddle set, a harness for a horse, girls - jewelry, then nowadays it is necessary to give basic necessities for a baby and mother: a cradle, a stroller and more.

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Translated and edited by:Nagima Bazarkizi


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