Specialists’ advices: How to survive from Covid-19?


Nowadays, according to the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, many people are being treated at home. Many people are using the treatments they hear from people and on social networks in the country. However, we may not realize that we are risking our lives by following disinformation in order to avoid getting sick. Therefore, we bring to your attention the doctor’s advice collected by the correspondent of the "Adyrna "news agency.
Nurbol Kudaibergen, general surgeon:
- At the moment, it is necessary to use home remedies without wasting a time when there is a lack of medicines in pharmacies.
First of all, a garlic is very useful. Remember, overuse of garlic can have serious health consequences. It should be used with food, you should not use on an empty stomach. The garlic replaces the antibiotic.
Secondly, a goat’s milk is also very good for the immune system. Because it contains the casein. It will be especially useful for young children. Add honey to goat’s milk and drink in the morning and in the evening.
Thirdly, a person with a temperature should drink 2 – 2.5 liters per day. This is because the more the patient sweats, the less fluid there is in the body. Therefore, if you drink warm fluids and sweat 4-5 times, you will be recovered of any virus diseases. You also know that the fruit juice is rich in vitamins. First of all, they help to decrease the temperature. And you can reduce the temperature by rubbing alcohol on the back and limbs of a sick person. However, a patient with a fever must not take a bath.
The fourth advice, it is contraindicated in patients with low blood pressure. But it is rich in minerals that regulate the immune system and make stronger the immune cells. And I would advise not to take kimyz for patients with high blood pressure. Kimyz and saumal are very useful for patients with lung diseases.
The fifth advice, it is better to add black pepper and red pepper to the meat broth. These are the only cure for all colds and infections in the body.
The sixth advice, the horse oil helps the lungs. However, excessive use can have a negative effect on the body. This is because the emulsification process of this fat is very high and can be absorbed even into the bone. Therefore, it is recommended to use it on the back and soles only once a day for 3-4 days. It is recommended to apply a small amount of horse oil to the lungs of young children. When rubbing the child’s back, it is necessary to vibrate, that is, to strike without making force with the palm. It helps to get rid of all the mucus (sputum) in the lungs. If the lungs are clean, there are no complications.
Seventh, smoke from péganum hármala is very useful. This prevents the spread of airborne infections.
Serik Nametkul, intern doctor:
- As a doctor, I would recommend to take injections, such as "Sumomed", "Ambro", "Vitamin C".
For example, Vitamin C is added with 5% glucose. Use 7 ampoules for a person weighing 70 kg and 8 ampoules for a person weighing 80 kg.
Libexin is also an essential remedy for cough sequela. Lemoxol is also available in a flask. It is injected into a vein or muscle.
And if there are the beginning signs of the disease, it is necessary to use paracetamol. Also, if you drink a lot of fluids, the disease is quickly excreted through the skin and urine.
However, it is now difficult to find injections in pharmacies. The majority of medicines are not available in central pharmacies and drug stores. It can only be found in pharmacies where people rarely go.
Gabit Nurgalym, doctor:
- At the moment, due to the heat of the day, the weakest sides of people are drinking cold water, eating ice cream, sitting under the air conditioner, taking a cold shower. Eight out of ten people suffer from them. And a slight cold can make it bad to cope with a coronavirus outbreak. In this case, it is not advisable to give everyone the same injection or system online.
I rely more on the folk remedies. This is because antibiotics have been invented less than a century ago. And the folk medicine has a long history. So, I would especially recommend to drink a saumal. I think that drinking saumal helped people with the lung disease and the tuberculosis, it could also be against the coronavirus to some extent.
Aizhan Doszhan, therapist:
- If you soak the mask in vodka or medical alcohol and wear it two or three times a day until the alcohol evaporates, your sense of smell will be restored. And there is no doubt that viruses do not pass through alcohol-soaked mask.
In addition, garlic and onions are very useful. Just don't use it too much. When grated and consumed in hot milk, the human body develops immunity to viruses. And the coronavirus causes blood clots. As a result, many people have heart failure. Therefore, blood thinners should be taken with borjomi. In this case, kimyz and shubat are indispensable!

Akgul Aidarbekova
Adyrna national portal
Translated by: Nagima Bazarkizi

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