A truck stopped in front of the guests who came to the summit in Astana

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Фото: Бейнеден скрин
Фото: Бейнеден скрин

In Astana, the "Gazelle" car stopped in front of the motorcade of the guests who came to the summit, reported the national portal "Adyrna".

During the SCO summit, police officers who were patrolling the streets and regulating traffic came to the rescue of a car that had stopped on the avenue.

"Gazelle" with the logo of the popular sweets factory stopped the road and almost blocked traffic on one of the streets on the left bank of Astana. His video went viral on social media.

"Every half hour the main street is cleared for processions, but at one point the gazelle stopped." The police had to push him themselves. Bonus for the boys," wrote the native of the capital under the video shot by himself.

Commenters on the video, which went viral, made a joke of the situation.

"It was a shame", "The driver was probably very worried", "The guest house", "The police did it", the comments say.