A 310-meter tunnel was found on the border between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

Adyrna.kz Telegram

A 310-meter long underground tunnel belonging to smugglers was discovered on the Uzbekistan-Kazakhstan border, the national portal "Adyrna" reported. This was announced by the State Security Service of Uzbekistan.

"Employees of the State Security Service together with the Border Service and the employees of the specialized customs complex "Tashkent-Aero" exposed the activities of a cross-border criminal group engaged in the illegal import of medicines of substandard quality from Uzbekistan. It was noted that the consignment of medicines was delivered to India through Kazakhstan, i.e. on the Delhi-Tashkent-Almaty flight, and then through the tunnel from the Saryagash district of the Turkestan region of Kazakhstan to the Tashkent region.

Law enforcement officers seized 17,048 drugs of 107 names, such as Albumin, Remdesivir, Meropenem, produced in India, as evidence from members of the criminal group.

The 310-meter-long tunnel has trolleys for transporting smugglers and even a ventilation system.

According to the relevant articles of the Criminal Code, a criminal case was initiated and preventive measures in the form of arrest were applied to the suspects.