More than 40 drug channels have been destroyed in the country since the beginning of the year

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Since the beginning of 2024, more than 40 drug delivery channels have been destroyed in Kazakhstan, reports the national portal "Adyrna" referring to the press service of the National Security Committee (NSC).

"In 1987, the United Nations announced June 26 as the International Day against Drug Addiction and Drug Illicit Trafficking. The National Security Committee, together with other government agencies, is actively involved in countering these threats. Since the beginning of 2024, the National Security Committee has conducted 96 operations against drug trafficking, 23 of which were carried out jointly with the competent authorities of foreign countries. As a result, 24 international and seven regional drug supply channels, as well as 16 clandestine pharmacy laboratories, have been shut down," said a statement issued on Wednesday.

According to the National Security Committee, more than 1.3 tons of narcotics and psychotropic substances, 4.6 tons of raw poppy straw, and 13.6 tons of chemical reagents used for the production of synthetic drugs were confiscated from illegal traffic.

"The value of confiscated drugs on the black market is about 17 billion tenge, and the volume of uncirculated drugs is about 5 million tenge per single dose. Based on these facts, the National Security Committee is conducting pre-trial investigations against 54 citizens of Kazakhstan and foreigners. In addition, the Border Service of the National Security Committee thwarted more than 200 attempts to smuggle drugs internationally. More than 790 kilograms of narcotics and psychotropic substances were confiscated from illegal circulation. Activities in this direction continue," added the National Security Committee.