The UN has called for an end to arms deliveries to Israel

1112 Telegram
Сурет: Majdi Fathi/Global Look Press
Сурет: Majdi Fathi/Global Look Press

The UN called to stop the supply of weapons and ammunition to Israel, "Adyrna" reporter reported with reference to EuroNews.

The organization's human rights experts have warned that companies that fail to heed the warning could face prosecution for crimes against humanity.

"Sending arms and ammunition to Israel is considered a serious violation of human rights and international humanitarian law. "It may create a risk of the state's participation in international crimes, including genocide," the report said.

The UN also calls for accountability of companies that finance arms trade and transport.

It should be noted that earlier the USA stopped supplying thousands of bombs to Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the country can fight alone and made a statement that "If necessary, the Israelis will fight with their nails."