A very rare coin was found for the first time in Kazakhstan

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Сурет: Мәдениет және ақпарат министрлігі
Сурет: Мәдениет және ақпарат министрлігі

Scientific employees of "Tambaly" discovered a sensational discovery during excavations in the Kogaly valley, where the international historical and archaeological expedition took place. Researchers found a very rare coin in the country. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Culture and Information on June 19, the correspondent of "Adyrna" reported.

According to experts in the field of Turko-Sog early medieval numismatics, this coin was used from the middle of the 7th century. The monuments of the Kogaly valley studied by the expedition belong to the culture of the Western Turks who inhabited the Zhetysu region in the first half of the VII-VIII centuries.

"Currently, the first conservation works on the unique artefact are being carried out in the "Tambaly" scientific-restoration laboratory. Archaeological excavations are still ongoing," said the press service of the ministry.