The accident at the Lenin mine. A court verdict was issued against 4 leaders

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On June 6, the Shakhtinsk court issued a verdict on the case of miners who died in the mine named after Lenin, "Adyrna" correspondent reported.

The company's managers were accused of violating safety regulations during production, which resulted in the accidental death of two or more people.

"The court found the defendants guilty under part 3 of Article 277 of the Criminal Code and sentenced the head of the ventilation and security department to 5 years, the assistant head of the ventilation, security and forecasting service department, as well as the shift supervisor to 4 years and 6 months. The assistant to the head of ventilation of the security equipment section was sentenced to 4 years in prison," the judge announced the verdict.

Let us remind you that in 2022, methane gas was released in the mine named after Lenin. As a result, 5 miners died and 4 were injured. In court, it was proven that safety rules were violated and that those responsible sent miners into the mine, knowing that there was an excess of methane.