Did you know you are lacking vitamin D?

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Sometimes you see children with weak legs, children who walk crooked because of a crooked back and spine.

And among adults, there are people who, if they slip or step on your foot and fall, it immediately hurts. Even if they participate in sports, there are people who break their arm or leg not only occasionally, but often. It is better to see a doctor .

Why do you need vitamin D in general? What is the benefit to a person? And what disease can occur if vitamin D is not enough?

- Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin. Fat is exchanged with food and is formed in adipose fibers. Vitamin D is abundant mainly in fish foods (salmon, halibut, mackerel, herring (sardines), tuna), caviar, egg yolks and dairy products. The difference between this vitamin and the others is that it occurs spontaneously in the body thanks to sunlight. In addition, red caviar, snails (oysters), forest mushrooms and sunflower seeds contain a little.
Now, scientists are warning that due to lack of vitamin D, oncological diseases, as well as autoimmune, infectious, viral and cardiovascular diseases are aggravated. If there is enough vitamin D in your body, it will immediately eliminate various infections, if you are infected with a very serious virus, it will affect the mild course of the disease and even alleviate the covid syndrome.