Railway fares are 2 times cheaper than in neighboring countries - Vice Prime Minister

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Фото: Тұрар Қазанғапов
Фото: Тұрар Қазанғапов

The Deputy Prime Minister said that railway tariffs in Kazakhstan are cheaper than others, the national portal "Adyrna" reported.

First Vice Prime Minister Roman Sklyar gave an interview to Primeminister.kz. In his speech, the official noted that railways, which are part of the logistics system, work for the country's economy.

"Now we have 11 types of tariffs for different types of products, namely: goods of social importance, coal transportation, grain transportation and others. It should be noted that our tariffs are about 2 times lower than those of neighboring countries," said Roman Sklyar.

The first vice-premier said that excess income is not expected from the enterprise "Kazakhstan Temir Zholy" and that the state will provide investment in the railway infrastructure through "long-term loans", direct budget financing, and private investments.