There is a large gathering of people on the Kazakh-Uzbek border

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The National Security Committee has explained the reason for the gathering of people and vehicles on the border of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, "Adyrna" correspondent reported.

"The Border Service of the NSC informs that on May 31, at the checkpoint "Silk Road" on the border with the Republic of Uzbekistan, people and vehicles gather from time to time. This is due to the construction and expansion of the road surface at the "Gisht Kuprik" checkpoint in the adjacent territory.

We also inform you that the "Kaplanbek" checkpoint is currently closed due to repair works.

In turn, the movement of people and vehicles is restricted due to the ongoing reconstruction at the checkpoints "Tajen", "Atameken" and "Kazygurt", the report says.

Other checkpoints across the state border are operating in regular mode.