Those who take pictures in the flower gardens of Almaty will be fined

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Фото: Instagram/kris.p.original
Фото: Instagram/kris.p.original

Almaty has called on residents and guests of the city not to enter the flower beds and not to damage the plants, the national portal "Adyrna" reports.

In addition to beautiful photos taken with flowers, there are also videos on the Internet showing how people claim and trample flowers in order to take a successful selfie. That is why the mayor's office will impose a fine for painting in the flower garden.

According to the Almaty Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection, the tulips growing lushly along the Esentai River were planted in autumn. When the weather is favorable, the flowers bloom from mid-April to May.

"Due to the facts registered on social networks, the department invites residents and guests of Almaty to plant decorative flowers and take care of public places," the Almaty administration announced.