The student who "tried to set fire" to the Israeli embassy was convicted

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The Yakkasaray Criminal Court of Tashkent sentenced a 19-year-old resident of the city to five years for intentionally setting fire to the territory of the Israeli Embassy, "Adyrna" reporter reports with reference to "".

On April 19, a 2nd-year student of the Uzbekistan State University of World Languages went to the building of the Israeli embassy by bicycle. His action attracted the attention of the employees of the Yakkasaray district internal affairs department, which is located near the diplomatic mission. The man tried to run away when he saw the police officers. However, his attempt was unsuccessful.

A bottle of kerosene, a dumbbell, two boxes of matches and pieces of fabric were found in the bag of a guy from Tashkent. During the search, the man diverted the attention of the police officers and ran towards the Israeli embassy. At this time, the suspect was captured by the guards of the diplomatic mission.

During the interrogation, the resident of Tashkent stated that he began to show interest in the conflict in the Gaza Strip since the fall of last year, and then "hatred Israel" and decided to take revenge. The student admitted his guilt and apologized to the President and people of Uzbekistan, as well as to the staff of the Israeli embassy.