A limit will be introduced for AI-92 gasoline in Kazakhstan

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In Kazakhstan, AI-92 gasoline will be limited to 100 liters per day. For foreigners, this type of fuel will become more expensive, and diesel, on the contrary, will become cheaper, reports the national portal "Adyrna" with reference to koleca kz.

Amendments to the order on the maximum price of gasoline and diesel sold at domestic gas stations have been prepared by the Ministry of Energy. According to the document, we intend to sell at the following price:

Ai-80 liter — 89 tenge;
A liter of AI-92 and AI-93 is 245 tenge, and when you show a driver's license issued in Kazakhstan, you can get up to 100 liters per day for 205 tenge.

Drivers of special vehicles, trucks and buses will be allowed to fill up to 300 liters per day and sell one liter of gasoline for 205 tenge if they show their Kazakhstan driver's license and technical passport.