About 88,000 people were evacuated from flooded areas

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Фото: ТЖМ
Фото: ТЖМ

As a result of the flood, about 88 thousand people were evacuated,  "Adyrna" reporter reported.

Evacuation of people to safe places in flooded regions of the country and fighting against floods are ongoing.

"About 88 thousand people, including about 30 thousand children, were evacuated with the help of the civil protection service. Now there are more than 7,000 people, including 3,700 children, in temporary accommodation centers and 4,800 people have returned home. Also, 82,315 domestic animals were driven to a safe place. More than 23,000 people and about 2,500 equipment, 448 water pumps, 131 water-swimming equipment and 6 aircraft were mobilized for emergency rescue operations," said Yerasyl Saipash, a senior officer of the Committee of Civil Defense and Military Departments of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, during the briefing.

In the last day, 525 people and about 100 equipment from the staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations were sent from Almaty to Karaganda, Ulytau and Pavlodar regions.

"The Ministry of Emergency Situations with the help of local executive bodies pumped more than 8 million cubic meters of melted snow water. About 1,200,000 sandbags and over 1,000,000 tons of inert materials were laid," said the representative of the Ministry of Agriculture.