Kindergarten director and chief accountant embezzled 63 millions tenge in Pavlodar

1174 Telegram

In Pavlodar, the kindergarten director and the chief accountant were convicted for embezzling 63 millions tenge, reported "Adyrna" reporter with reference to

A 62-year-old resident of the city, working as a kindergarten director, along with his accountant, stole the property entrusted to him by embezzlement.

The director and the accountant illegally set several staff units and illegally calculated additional payments outside the specified units for their own benefit over a period of seven years. He also made transfers to mandatory pension contributions and mandatory social medical insurance.

"Thus, the miscreants caused material losses to the state totaling about 63 millions tenge. The court found them guilty of the crime provided for in Article 189 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Acquisition or looting of entrusted property) and sentenced them to imprisonment for seven years," the report said.

The former director of the kindergarten began serving his sentence in the quarantine department of the institution No. 23 of the Abay region KAZD. The convicted citizen admitted his guilt, paid part of the debt to the state and the victims. He is ready to get a job while serving his sentence to pay off the remaining debt.

"As for the former accountant, the court postponed the sentence of imprisonment for five years, taking into account the fact that the defendant has a five-year-old daughter," says the deputy head of the institution, Anar Sabieva.