Domestic CodiPlay technology will be used by 200 schools in Saudi Arabia

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200 schools in Saudi Arabia will use Kazakh Edtech technology from CodiPlay startup. The company signed a memorandum of strategic partnership with an artificial intelligence learning assistant (AILA) at the LEAP 2024 technological forum held in Riyadh, reports the national portal "Adyrna" referring to the company's press service.

The document was signed with the support of Saudi Arabia's National Technology Development Program (NDTP) and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies ((MCIT), the Kazakh side was supported by the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Saudi Arabia).

It was said that CodiPlay will be used in the educational process of 200 local schools, which will contribute to the achievement of the main goals of the Vision 2030* initiative aimed at improving the quality of education and preparing young people for future professions in the IT sector.

CodiPlay is a comprehensive educational solution aimed at developing students' IT literacy. CodiPlay allows you to learn programming skills in Scratch, C++ and Python using mobile games. CodiKits are also available in the app, which allow you to create various IoT (Internet of Things) projects. For example, from a traffic light to a smart home system. In addition, the startup has developed a web platform "CodiTeach" to support teachers.