A man insulted and he beat a bus driver in Atyrau

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Фото: Атырау облыстық ПД
Фото: Атырау облыстық ПД

In Atyrau, a passenger assaulted the driver of a public transport, "Adyrna"reported  correspondent referring to the Atyrau regional PD.

The man who insulted and beat the driver has now been arrested.
The press service of the Atyrau Regional Police Department reported that the man who hit the bus driver was 47 years old.

"Today, March 5, at around 2:40 p.m., a 47-year-old man assaulted and beat the driver of public transport on route #22. Now, a forensic medical examination has been ordered to determine the physical injuries caused to the 49-year-old driver. The preliminary investigation has begun," the press service of the regional department reported.

The driver's face and eyes were swollen due to the impact. The passenger also broke the validator.