Now students are prohibited from holding mobile phones during class

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Фото: ашық дереккөз
Фото: ашық дереккөз

Schoolchildren are not allowed to hold phones during class. The Senate of the Parliament approved the relevant law on this today and sent it to the President for signature. , reports the national portal "Adyrna".

"Norms are proposed to limit the use of mobile phones in the educational process, to enroll in the first grade without testing, to provide a uniform queue for kindergartens, to prevent the spread of religious information and to prevent the promotion of violence in educational organizations, and to prevent suicide" - said Senate deputy Altynbek Nukhuli.

According to the Senate deputy, the law contains a provision to restrict the use of mobile phones by students during classes. You can hold the phone during the break.

There is also a rule on the need to provide windows with safety locks for the safety of children.

If the school has special cells, the student puts his phone there during the lesson. If this is not the case, he puts his phone in his bag.

"Such a norm is adopted specifically to improve the quality of education," said First Vice-Minister of Education Natalya Zhumadildaeva.