The annual volume of cars was sold in Uzbekistan in the period of two days

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Фото: ашық дереккөз
Фото: ашық дереккөз

UzAuto Motors, a car manufacturer of Uzbekistan, completed the contract for the volume of Chevrolet Cobalt, Damas and Labo cars planned to be released to the country's domestic market in 2024, reports the national portal "Adyrna".

According to the company, on December 25 and 26, 171,200 contracts were signed with buyers for the next year's delivery of cars. Agreements are made through online applications.

Representatives of the company did not hide that there was a technical problem during online sales due to cyber attacks.

"7 thousand cyberattacks were observed in the UzAutoSavdo online trading system. During this period, more than 3 million active sessions were registered in the system. The company's call center received and processed more than 3,000 applications," UzAuto Motors reported.

It should be noted that earlier, the government of Uzbekistan introduced changes in the rules for the sale of new cars in order to fight against "speculators" and create equal opportunities for all consumers.

According to the new rules, a new contract for the delivery of the machine will not be concluded with a client who has concluded more than two sales contracts within 12 months.