"Washington: Independent Palestine". About ten thousand people marched in the USA

Adyrna.kz Telegram

A demonstration was held in  Washington regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, "Adyrna" reporter reported referring to The Guardian publication.

On November 4, a pro-Palestinian rally was held in Washington. It was expected to be the largest protest in the US since the start of Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip.

"According to the permit issued by the National Park Service, up to 30,000 people were expected to participate in the Washington: Free Palestine National Parade," the publication reports.

The participants of the parade gathered at Bostandyk Square at 14:00, and the organizers of the parade planned to pass by the White House.

"It's time to stand up for the besieged Palestinian people! Gaza is being bombed every hour. Israel is depriving its residents of food, water and electricity. Tens of thousands more may die. We must act!" - say the marchers.

Before that, on October 21, rallies took place in the United States. In addition, similar demonstrations were held in Great Britain, Germany, Turkey and Sweden.

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