The ex-mayor, who was sentenced to 10 years, was released early

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Dauren Makhazhanov, the former mayor of Kentau, who was sentenced to 10 years last year, was released from prison this year, "Adyrna" correspondent reports with reference to

According to the Department of Criminal Execution System for Almaty city, Almaty region and Zhetysu region, the sentence of deprivation of liberty of Kentau akim, who was suspected of "taking a bribe", was changed to payment of a fine.

In July 2022, the court sentenced Mahazhanov to 10 years in prison for accepting a bribe of 50 million tenge. However, a year later, in the Supreme Court, the punishment of the former official was reconsidered as a fraud due to the protest of the Prosecutor General's Office.

Based on the data, the former mayor did not take money from the victim as a bribe, but cheated the victim.

Dauren Makhazhanov, who was sentenced to 10 years, was re-examined for "attempted bribery" and reduced to five years.

And in September, it was said that Mahazhanov was released from the colony. The ex-official paid a fine of 1,988,000 tenge and was released.

"On September 8, 2023, on the basis of the decision of the Kapshagai city court to replace the sentence of imprisonment with a fine, the defendant D. Makhazhanov was released from institution No. 57 in the village of Zarechny", - reported the representatives of the criminal justice system of the Almaty region.

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