He took a bribe. It was reported that the chairman of the Committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the heads of departments were arrested

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Фото: emer.gov.kz

The chairman of the fire fighting service committee of the TJM, the heads of the TJD in the city of Shymkent and Zhetysu region were detained. This was announced by Antikor, the "Adyrna" national portal reported.

According to reports, they are suspected of systematically taking bribes from businessmen for their care in the field of fire safety, forcing audited organizations to purchase their services and pay them on time by signing contracts. And the amount of bribes ranges from 100,000 to 4 millions tenge.

In addition, Nurbolat Derbisov, chairman of the Fire Safety Committee of the Fire Safety Committee of the Ulytau Region, patronized one of the heads of the Fire Safety Committee in the Ulytau region for an illegal monetary reward.

Suspects were arrested and imprisoned in the National Criminal Investigation Department. The pre-trial investigation is ongoing. The said officials are being investigated for other corruption offences, the report says.

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