If the Caspian dries up, we may be wiped out. A state of emergency has been declared in Aktau

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The Caspian Sea, the only closed body of water on the planet, has been shrinking in recent years. If this continues, It may wear the shroud of Aral. A state of natural emergency at the local level was introduced in Aktau. It was reported that this measure was taken to solve the depletion of water in the Caspian Sea, writes the national portal "Adyrna".
"From June 7, it was decided to declare a state of natural emergency on a local scale to carry out design and research work," reports the press service of the city administration.
Minister of Ecology Zulfia Suleymenova reminded that the Caspian Sea is the shallowest area in the country and said that as the water level of the sea decreases, the water flowing into it will also decrease.

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