"First I made it for my wife". Transcribe.kz is an application that captures the Kazakh voice into text

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The work of journalists has become easier. The Transcribe.kz application that converts video and audio in Kazakh to text has appeared. Professional podcaster, IT specialist - Eldar Kudaibergenov, who saved the time of information distribution specialists and implemented such a project. "Adyrna" national portal interviewed the startups and asked about the intricacies of the application.


- Mr. Eldar, where did the idea to create the Transcribe.kz project come from? What made you do it?

- The idea of creating this project did not arise out of nowhere. It consisted of several stages. First of all, my husband is a journalist who worked in a newspaper. Now available on the site. Her name is Roza Eren. I often saw him recording audio interviews and transcribing them into text. Having become a programmer myself, I learned how to automate it, and I created this project for my spouse at first. But the results at that time were not very pleasing. Then we realized we couldn't sell it.

Half a year ago, I enrolled in the Tech Orda program at the Astana Hub. I learned the profession of frontend for six months. We made projects there. My first project was not successful, this was my second project. 2-3 months ago, I listened to the story of one of my clients, a journalist, in my production center. He said, "I will first conduct an interview, write it down on paper, then go and type it on the computer, and then start editing it." It was a very interesting moment for me. After all, that person showed how much he suffered and how difficult this thing was. That's when I realized that there is a solution to this problem.

I looked for a solution to the problem, considered it, and shared my findings with the first person and my wife. At first, the results were not immediately pleasing. Then I made this tool. This is how the idea came about. That's how the idea came about, why not Kazakhize services that automatically convert audio or video into text.

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