My situation worsened. Rybakina withdrew from the Roland Garros tournament

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Фото: Қазақстан теннис федерациясы
Фото: Қазақстан теннис федерациясы

Yesterday, tennis player Elena Rybakina could not continue the Roland Garros tournament. In connection with this, he held a press conference and told the fans about the situation, the national portal "Adyrna" reported.

According to the sportsman, his health seems to have deteriorated.

Yesterday evening I had a headache, my condition worsened, and my temperature rose. "I thought I would be fine in the morning, but now I feel weak and my temperature is not going down," he said.

The tennis player said that he could not go to the court because he had a headache and a fever.

I discussed with the coaches. They told me not to go to the court, not even to go out. "Thinking about that, I decided to finish the competition," said Rybakina.

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